Whether you are looking to grow your current book of business, or are determined to start your own agency , we have the right opportunities for you. Eagle Express pays 100% commission, provides all software, platforms, support, and back-end office administration. We take away all time-consuming tasks that eat up valuable hours of your day, so you can focus on customer acquisition, premium service, and driving revenue. Your success is our mission.


  • We Are Technology

    • With state of the art web-based TMS, quick online carrier onboarding, and free MacroPoint, you freight will always pick up on time, while everyone is in the loop and saving the environment by being paperless

  • We Are Credible

    • A+ credit history, $100k bond, and insurance requirements above industry standards

  • We Are Fair

    • 100% commission. No charge-back for customer's bad debt. No non-compete clause.

      We are freedom. Work from home. Set your schedule. Be your own boss. No limit to your growth.


  • You must have an active customer base / book of business

  • A 5% administrative fee will be assessed on your gross receipts to cover operations

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