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Eagle Express Service is a third-party logistics provider headquartered in Santa Clarita, California. We specialize in transporting over the road (OTR) shipments for our valued customers. Eagle is highly regarded by both customers and carriers due to our 20-year outstanding reputation, exceptional service, advanced technological systems, and reliable network of carriers. We continue to be our customers’ preferred contact for all their transportation needs.



Want to be a part of an organization that is customer-focused down to it’s core? One that understands that customers are the heartbeat of a company and without them, said company ceases to live. If so, consider becoming the newest member of our sales/business development team.

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Where creativity meets data-driven decision making. Marketing requires a deep understanding of buyer patterns, consumer behavior and campaign development strategy. Must work seamlessly with our sales and executive team to promote the company’s services, reputation and special programs. If you’re a revenue-driver, you’ve come to the right place.



Operations needs to be willing to go to the end of the Earth and back to keep our customers happy and continually using our services. Streamlined communication, seamless systems/technology, and a growth mindset are all quintessential for this role. If this sounds like you, join today.

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Technology is a highly-valued element of our business as it cultivates a simple and easy user experience for both our customers and vendors. If you’re passionate about developing, critical thinking, problem-solving and want to be a part of a company with a growth mindset, join our technology team.

People-focused Company

We also know that good workplace practices attract good people! Good people are who Eagle is looking to attract to become a part of our company. In fact, the core values we look for in our current and future team members is HONESTY, INTEGRITY, AND A DESIRE TO GROW.

We at Eagle Express understand that social responsibility is an integral part of our duties to give back to the people and organizations around us. Our mission, outside of providing a fun and dynamic place to work, is to bring members of our local community together. In doing this, we hope to implement strategies that allow us and others to make the world a better place: economically, ecologically, and philanthropically.



Eagle Express Service is a completely paperless company. Our internal operations are done completely electronically and save tens of thousands of sheets of paper every year.



Eagle Express Service is determined to grow as a company and provide jobs for those hard-working individuals within the community and across the country.



Eagle Express Service is actively working to give back to the community and create opportunities for those looking for opportunity to enter the world of supply chain.

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