Carriers are the backbone of our business and the transportation industry as a whole. We are extremely grateful to work with such a dependable and hard-working group and understand the value they bring to the business. As a method of paying it forward, Eagle Express Service works diligently to save you time and effort tracking down shipments and provides you with a wide variety of loads for your selection.

Eagle Express Service makes it easy for our carriers to get shipments and get paid. Simply register whatever kind of trailer or equipment you have and we’ll provide the freight. Once registered, be ready, your phone may begin ringing off the hook!

Advanced Systems

We want to keep you moving out on the road because we understand that is where you get paid. In order to do that, we’ve developed a highly efficient and integrated Transportation Management System (TMS) that allows you to see available lanes from your computer or mobile device. Our MacroPoint tool is equipped with satellite tracking so the driver’s whereabouts are automatically measured without having to make a single phone call.

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Payment Policy

We pay carriers in 25 days, and offer 24-48 hour QuickPay for a nominal fee of 3%. Don’t waste money on postage, E-mail us your invoices with clear copy BOLs once your load has delivered.

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We’ll Keep You Busy

Let Eagle Express keep your wheels rolling. We have daily freight in every state across the US. Dry, refrigerated, flat/step, or power-only, we want to make sure your trucks are always loaded and making money.

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We Do The Matching

Send us your daily truck availability and we will quickly and efficiently match your trucks with our freight.

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