2019 Roadcheck Inspection Blitz

Image: Glostone Trucking Solutions

Image: Glostone Trucking Solutions

Dear drivers, carriers, providers, and shippers,

Take a deep breath for you’ve just survived the Department of Transportation’s largest truck inspection blitz of 2019.


Roadcheck is a 72-hour inspection blitz on commercial motor vehicles. During this time, inspectors will perform tens of thousands of roadside inspections, which will place many trucks and drivers out of service and unable to work.

During the 2018 Roadcheck, inspectors conducted a total of almost 68,000 inspections, resulting in nearly 12,000 trucks and 3,000 drivers that were flagged out of service [1].

Seemingly, the primary focus during the inspections this year was steering and suspension, according to the CVSA. This was because trucks are hauling heavier and heavier loads, making suspension maintenance of greater importance when keeping vehicles on the road as safe as possible.

2019 Inspection Checklist

The best way to prepare for a Roadcheck is to know exactly what the inspectors are looking for. If you’ve already gone through an inspection before, great. If not, be prepared for inspectors to check these parts of your truck:

  • Brakes

  • Lights

  • Wheels, Tires, Rims, Hubs

  • Safety Features

  • Effective Load Securement

  • Entirety of the Tractor and Trailer

In addition to making sure your truck is properly equipped to haul loads, you will need up to date paperwork. It is equally important that you have immediate access to these documents in case you are stopped during the roadcheck.

  • Driver’s License/CDL

  • Daily Vehicle Inspection Report

  • Vehicle Inspection Certificate

  • Medical Clearance Certificate

Although the purpose of the Roadcheck is to assess the vehicles, you also want to ensure you’re abiding by the HOS laws.

Roadcheck Aftermath

Once you have completed the Roadcheck, you will receive the results indicating whether you passed or failed. If you passed, you’re in the clear and no existential violations were found on your vehicle. A decal will be shipped to you displaying that the truck has passed the inspection.

Image: 10-4 Magazine

Image: 10-4 Magazine

However, if you didn’t pass, your truck will be placed out of service and will no longer be able to be operated until the necessary infringements have been corrected.

Work With Approved Carriers/Vehicles

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We are ALWAYS compliant with DOT rules and regulations.